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This month in Co-op Cloud December 2021

Happy New Fear! Here’s the latest on what’s happened this December 💣

New Gitea tips & tricks documentation

We have some new Gitea setup documentation that makes getting started much easier thanks to @aileoia! All the new docs are inthe recipe README.md over here.

Improvements to the Snikket package

Ever dreamt of federated, end-to-end encrypted messaging with video and audio integration? Enter Snikket, an XMPP distribution bundled with an cross-platform clients. Now you can be your own service provider with our shiny Co-op Cloud recipe. The recipe saw a couple of bugfixes and TURN testing and is ready to go, though still experimental. Shout-out to @3wc, @decentral1se, @knoflook for getting this one over the line!

New apps:

calibre-web a web app providing a clean interface for browsing, reading and downloading eBooks using an existing Calibre database.

And more federated goodness with 2 ActivityPub enabled services: pixelfed, an image sharing platform on the Fediverse and writefreely, for writing down your thoughts, fanfiction, books, guides and whatever else you got. Thanks to @knoflook for this packaging work!

Closer to abra stabilisation

We’re getting closer to stabilising abra with release candidates in the 0.4.0-alpha tree introducing lots of fixes and refactoring thanks to @decentral1se & @knoflook. We’re hoping to do final pre-beta major breaking changes and drop the -alpha soon!

New workflows for recipe maintainers

Check out the new proposal workflow for updating and publishing recipes/catalogue in this video. We’re aiming for a semi-automated process which supports manual intervention due to the instability of the Docker tagging ecosystem. It’s a balance to try find something that makes it easy to keep up with the fast pace of upgrades and also maintain a simple and understandable UI/UX. Feedback is always welcome ❤️