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The Federation is bootstrapped

The democratic wheels are turning. We’ve successfully had the Federation Boostrap ™ meeting and things are up and running! Here’s what we now know.

Public documentation

As of Resolution 005, we now have public documentation for the federation.

Grab a beverage and dive in on

Decision making

In the bootstrap meeting, we decided on a decision making protocol in Resolution 001. This has since been put to great use and we’re seeing resolutions coming in and getting voted on. All resolutions that are passed are documented over here.

Membership & dues

The federation currently has 9 members 🤓 As per Resolution 002, all members present at the bootstrap meeting are now members. Thanks everyone for turning up and joining in!

We’ve done some Open Collective adminstration and It is now possible to pay membership dues 🤑 Please submit an expense on behalf of your collective against the “Federation membership dues” tier. You can do that by clicking here.

Membership is open if you’re interested in joining! See this FAQ question for more information on how to get started. If you’re hosting, developing or using free software which has some relation to Co-op Cloud, we’d encourage you to join the federation!


Autonomic has published documentation about how the federation finances work here. If anything is unclear, please let us know!

As of today, the Open Collective balance represents the total sum of money available to the federation. This is currently 6,507.14 GBP 🎉 This money is made up the ongoing Open Collective “Infrastructure Sustainability” tier donations and the remainder of our previous round of funding (budget for this funding available to review here). Thanks again for the support folks 😍

In Resolution 003, we decided on budgets for paid work and an hourly rate. If you’re a member of the federation, please submit budget proposals to get paid for your work!

Meeting schedule

There is a poll currently flying around in the members only federation channel on Matrix. Please take a look and fill in your times! We will aim to discuss a fixed meeting schedule (which takes all members timezones into account) going forward, so we can avoid the organisational churn of online polls.

– decentral1se on behalf of Autonomic