Public interest infrastructure.

An alternative to corporate clouds built by tech co-ops.

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What is Co-op Cloud?

Co-op Cloud is a software stack that aims to make hosting libre software applications simple for small service providers such as tech co-operatives who are looking to standardise around an open, transparent and scalable infrastructure. It uses the latest container technologies and configurations are shared into the commons for the benefit of all.

Is this a good long-term choice?

Co-op Cloud re-uses upstream libre software project packaging efforts (containers) so that we can meet projects where they are at and reduce duplication of effort. The project proposes the notion of more direct coordination between distribution methods (app packagers) and production methods (app developers).

What libre apps are available?

Co-op Cloud helps deploy and maintain applications that you may already use in your daily life: Nextcloud, Jitsi, Mediawiki, and many more! These are tools that are created by volunteer communities who use libre software licenses in order to build up the public software commons and offer more digital alternatives.

What about other alternatives?

Co-op Cloud helps fill a gap between the personal and the industrial-scale: it’s easier to use than Kubernetes or Ansible, does more to support multi-server, multi-tenant deployments than Cloudron, and is much easier than manual deployments. See all the comparisons with other tools.



Democratic development process, centred on libre software licenses, community governance and a configuration commons.


Quick, flexible, and intuitive with low resource requirements, minimal overhead, and extensive documentation.


Control your hosting: use on-premise or virtual servers to suit your needs. Encryption as standard.


Following established open standards, best practices, and builds on existing tools.

Who is involved

Autonomic is a worker‑owned co‑operative, dedicated to using technology to empower people making a positive difference in the world. We offer service hosting using Co‑op Cloud and other platforms, custom development, and infrastructure set‑up.


This is a community project.